Picture this: you’re at a meeting, the day’s racing is over and you and a group of mates are sitting around, having a chat over a beer. Inevitably the subject of transport comes up. Someone swears by their race van. Another says a garage motorhome is the way to go. Others say car and caravan are the best option. Then someone says “Of course, the perfect set up would be a caravan with a garage.”We’ve heard this said so many times, that we finally looked into the possibility of providing such a vehicle – and we think we have come up with the solution.

Working with Yorkshire manufacturer Moto Trek, we have designed the superb 180. It provides the benefits of a caravan: easy to tow, unhook it at your destination and use your car, good accommodation, low maintenance and easy to store. But it also provides some benefits unique to the sports market: high payload, huge garage, hard waring finish and fittings, easy to load and secure on-track storage. It really is a caravan with a sport sized garage that will take dirt bikes, karts and any other type of bike.

We haven’t just designed it with the racer in mind. It has been finished to a very high standard to ensure your back up team have a comfortable stay and enjoy coming away with you at the weekend. There are the usual caravan facilities and a full awning for sitting out.

So, is this the ultimate race weekend set up? The best of both worlds? You can see more about the 180 on our website here. Or you can come and see it for yourself at our showroom in Mansfield and chat through the many options that are available to get your 180 set up exactly the way you want it.