If you are a weekend racer looking for transport for your machine, yourself and your back up team, Hole Shot Motorhomes are here to help you.

Hole Shot Motorhomes are a part of the Motorhome Depot group of businesses. The group includes leading leisure sector brands such as Motorhome Depot, Caravan Depot, Buy My Motorhome and Habcheck. We buy, sell and service thousands of leisure vehicles a year.

That’s our business. Our passion, however, is sport. We have spent our lives participating in motocross, trials, trail riding, karting, road bike track days, mountain biking, road biking…you get the picture. The point is, we have ourselves transported just about everything you can think of, in and on, every type of vehicle you can imagine.

That means we understand about stuff like garage height, anchor points, generators, power washers, water tanks, easy clean surfaces, checker plate, engine racks, storage, weight restrictions and so on. We also understand about comfort, getting a good night’s sleep and of course, keeping your back-up team happy. In short, we speak your language.

Over the years we have supplied garage motorhomes, race vans and race trucks to many customers and are well known for being active in this area. And it has been in our minds for a long time to create a specific brand to service the sports market. Now we have finally done it – welcome to Hole Shot Motorhomes!

No matter what your sport is, we can help you find the perfect transport for your needs. We provide the widest range available of motorhomes, race vans, race homes, trailers and even our unique garage caravan. We provide new and used vehicles and there is something to fit every budget.

Fed up with talking to dealers that don’t really understand what you need? Give us a call and talk to some that speaks your language. We look forward to helping you find your perfect weekend transport.