At Hole Shot Motorhomes our goal is to cater for anyone that needs some form of garage version transport. We sell a range of new vehicles as well as a growing selection of used stock. Here’s a brief run down of what we sell and what each type of vehicle might be suitable for.Sports Trailers

These are a range of enclosed trailers of different sizes. Their main feature is the large garage and payload. They can be towed behind a car or motorhome. The garages are large enough for two, even three, off-road bikes such as motocrossers. They will also comfortably take a kart or two karts with the bespoke stacking arrangement. Accommodation varies between models.

Garage Caravan

This large three axle trailer has a big payload and crucially, accommodation is taken to a whole new level. If you want caravan / motorhome standard living space, this is for you. Like the other trailers it has room for karts, dirt bikes and the payload for water tanks, pressure washers and all of your kit.

Race Vans

At any given time we will have a range of new and used race vans for sale. With so many conversion layouts and styles, whatever your sport, there will be something to suit. What does vary hugely with race vans is the cost. Race vans come in many guises, from very basic bare bones conversions, right up to luxury branded vehicles. If you have something specific in mind in terms of layout, get in touch, we may have just the thing.

Garage Motorhomes

Garage motorhomes come in a huge range of sizes, layouts and styles. However, for the weekend racer, garage size is probably the most important thing. Many manufacturers promote garage versions, but in truth, few suit the sports market. Standard garages are usually just big enough for a mountain bike, but not high enough for a dirt bike. We sell a range of new and used garage motorhomes. Tell us what your sport is and how big you need the garage to be and we’ll provide you with some options.

Race Trucks and Race Homes

As a dealer in the motorsports sector, we regularly get used race trucks in stock. This includes the larger models suitable for karting. Keep an eye on our used listings or let us know what your budget is and you might get a call from us before the truck has come on the market.

That’s a brief trot through the sort of vehicles that we sell. However, as always, the easiest thing to do is give us a call and tell us what you are looking for.