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Who We Are

We have been in the motorhome industry for twenty years and are behind successful businesses such as Motorhome Depot, Buy My Motorhome and Habcheck.

That’s our business. Our passion though, is weekend racing and motorsports. Over the years this has included motocross, trials, trail riding, track days, karting, mountain biking and more. We’ve loaded just about anything you can imagine into, or onto, every mode of motorsport transport more times than we care to think about.

It is from this experience of doing it ourselves, that the range of Hole Shot transport vehicles has been born. It’s simple really. We just look at a race van, motorhome or trailer and think “What would we like on that vehicle?”. And then make sure it is included. We want transport that is easy to load, secure, robust and easy to live with. We want to spend less time messing around with transport and more time enjoying our sport. If that’s what you want, you’ll find something in our range to suit you.

Happy racing,
The Hole Shot Team.



I’ve been going to these guys for my garage version motorhomes for years. They know the market and they speak my language!
Mark Connel

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